191 Pavilions At Expo 2020 Dubai – Explore The Top 22 Country Pavilions

191 Pavilions At Expo 2020 Dubai – Explore The Top 22 Country Pavilions

Explore hundreds of impressive pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai, discover the uniqueness of each country and enjoy a wonderful cultural experience.

In the history of the World Expo, for the first time, each participating country will have its pavilion. Through inspiring architectural designs and technologies to explain the expo’s theme, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, these notable pavilions respond to the sub-themes of the Expo – Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity, with a significant design that will undoubtedly reshape the infrastructure, neighborhoods, and cities of the future.

Expo 2020, the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, where we will celebrate and mark innovation, creativity, and culture together. ”

Fascinating Top 20 Country Pavilions At World Expo 2020 Dubai

Iconic and architecturally significant structures with inspiring messages

1) UAE Pavilion

The pavilion is shaped like a flying falcon, telling the story of the United Arab Emirates as a global hub and its leaders’ vision to create a progressive and peaceful society with ambitious future plans.

2) Sri Lanka Pavilion

Understand the value of adaptability and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. From local industries to human capital, Sri Lanka has strong capabilities as a partner in tourism and trade.

3) Brazil Pavilion

Discover fantastic diversity, from fauna and flora to culture and art. Immerse yourself in the beauty, sound, and smell of Brazil’s riverside area in the pavilion that reproduces the Amazon Basin.

4) Central African Republic Pavilion

By demonstrating professional knowledge of environmental issues, we can see the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, technology and nature, and man and man.

5) China Pavilion

The artistic integration of modern technology and Chinese elements vividly shows China’s long history and profound cultural heritage.

6) Egypt Pavilion

Uncover the story of Egypt and its past/present achievements. Open a new era full of opportunities and observe the vision of a thriving future in education, infrastructure, tourism, and other fields.

7) Germany Pavilion

Register with Campus Germany to get an incredible, engaging, and hands-on digital experience. The German Pavilion takes the campus as the theme, fusing creative environmental concepts with real-life results.

8) France Pavilion

Explore light as a source of creativity, knowledge, and inspiration. The French Pavilion seeks to rethink progress, create connections and emotions, and release new ideas to reshape our world.

9) Indonesia Pavilion

The Pavilion will provide opportunities, innovation, and diversity to explore how Indonesia can create a better future by integrating local knowledge and modern technology.

10) Italy Pavilion

On an unprecedented journey through beautiful Italy, learn how creativity comes from different disciplines and places, touching on the country’s extraordinary future, present, and past.

11) Japan Pavilion

Be greeted by ancestral origami shapes, put the “Join.Sync.Act.” message into practice, and explore Japan’s traditional hospitality and vibrant culture, art, and technology.

12) Kuwait Pavilion

Kuwait is perpetrated to sustainable development to create a prosperous and safe future for its environment, city, economy, and people.

13) Republic of Korea Pavilion

Look for more profound meanings and glimpse the future of mobile. Take an experience-filled walk with mobile guidance through a unique architecture with a range of mobility-related experiences.

14) Malaysia Pavilion

The Pavilion’s theme “Energising Sustainability” reflects Malaysia’s commitment to balancing socio-economic growth with environmental matters to ensure a sustainable and secure future.

15) Nigeria Pavilion

Experience a nation with a promising future. Stroll through the City of Opportunities and its energy-rich streets: Enterprising Avenue, Hardworking Avenue, Respectful Avenue, and Resilience Avenue.

16) Poland Pavilion

Tree-like architecture refers to the extensive migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world, exploring its diverse global connections and role as a major producer of commodities.

17) Saudi Arabia Pavilion

The Saudi Pavilion balances natural wonders and rich heritage with its people’s vitality, creativity, and innovation and will show how Saudi Arabia has shaped the world and its future.

18) USA Pavilion

The USA pavilion will display a dynamic society that has shaped the modern world, supporting prosperity and freedom for all.

19) UK Pavilion

Add your voice to an ever-changing collaborative message and get an impressive look into the future, exploring everything from artificial intelligence to space commercialization.

20) Vietnam Pavilion

It is an enchanting and unforgettable journey across Vietnam, its latest development trends, unspoiled nature, and its beautiful people. The pavilion blends traditional elements with modern references.

21) Belgium Pavilion

The ‘Green Arch’ exhibits Belgian scientific, technological, and industrial know-how, reflecting ‘belgitude,’ a mix between Anglo-Saxon technical precision in the industry and Latin romanticism in art.

22) Pakistan Pavilion

One of Asia’s most immeasurable kept secrets! Home to one of the oldest civilizations worldwide, fascinating geographic wonders, a culture of boundless hospitality, and a future investment goal of choice.

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