Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai – Find the Hidden Treasures

Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai – Find the Hidden Treasures

Experience the Fascinating Features and Performances that will Take Place in the Pakistan Pavilion and Get Inspired

Expo 2020 Dubai is a global event of culture, ideas, and shared values. These are all essential foundations for building partnerships, learning, growing, and demonstrating the potential of a country to the world. About 25 million people worldwide will commute to Dubai to exchange ideas and shape a better future.

One hundred ninety-two international countries participated, and we proudly say that Pakistan is ready to let the world know what makes it a great country. Our history, place, culture, economic potential, and people will amaze the world and be recognized as a powerful country. Pakistan will show itself under the theme of “The Hidden Treasure“.

Pakistan Pavilion is Designed to Leave a Lasting Impact

The facade of the Pakistan pavilion was designed by the internationally renowned artist Rashid Rana. He is known for surprises the audience with innovative visual strategies every time he starts a new project.

The Pakistan Pavilion is in the Opportunity Zone. It is placed 2nd on the right side when you enter the Zone, which is also the best quality space. By covering an area of 35,000 square feet, this pavilion is one of the larger pavilions of the World Expo 2020. It will showcase the vast tourism, investment, and commerce treasures waiting for the world to discover and benefit from.

The Pakistan Pavilion aims to convey, inspire, and ignite dialogue with a lasting impact. Its narrative displays the poetic way of intertwining past, present, and future like a tapestry. Furthermore, the pavilion will reveal its rich and multi-layered history, tradition, and culture, as well as its possibility and potential for the future.

The hidden Treasures of Pakistan at Pakistan Pavilion

One of the most kept secrets in Asia! It has one of the earliest civilizations in the world, a hospitable culture, fascinating geographic wonders, and an upcoming investment destination

  • Fascinating and immersive hybrid art installation: your visual attraction to the land of colors
  • Explore a country with unparalleled natural scenery and adventure
  • Rediscover Pakistan’s hospitality culture based on religious and historical traditions

Engaging Experiences At Pakistan Pavilion

Once you enter the Pakistan Pavilion, it will provide a digital experience of Pakistan from the earliest recorded civilization in the world 7,000 years ago to the modern era. During the 30-minute walkthrough experience, you will be fascinated and moved by the hidden treasures of Pakistan, whether it is an investment, business, or tourism.

The Pakistan Pavilion also provides a great attraction, the “Bazaar”, where you can buy great souvenirs from Pakistan. “The Dhabba” prepares the most delicious Pakistani food and drinks for food lovers. These are some of the many reasons why tourists visit the Pakistan Pavilion.

During the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, many seminars, conferences, and exciting activities will be organized in the Pakistan Pavilion. There are many prospects for business, investment, and trade opportunities in Pakistan. We also arranged an exciting place to see famous Pakistani celebrities from various music, TV, movies, and sports industries.

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