Remarkable Events at Expo 2020 Dubai – What to Expect at the World Greatest Show

Remarkable Events at Expo 2020 Dubai – What to Expect at the World Greatest Show

Unforgettable events at Expo 2020 Dubai will take place from 1st October 2021 till 31st March 2022 in the United Arab Emirates under the theme ‘Connecting minds, creating the future. It is for the first time in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) and the 192 participating countries, expected to attract 25 million visitors. Dubai’s exhibitions will focus on collaboration and joint effort.

Get a Sight of Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

Experience countless architectural wonders in one place, from the world’s largest 360-degree viewing deck to over a hundred unique national pavilions, as well as their incredible displays and activities at Expo 2020 Dubai.

International Celebration


Enjoy a calendar of events of Expo that reveals the diversity of themes and global cultures. Special days celebrate the traditions and customs that define us and the desires ​​and values that unite us.

International Day

In a partnership between the United Nations and the UAE, witness happenings around the world and important events at Expo 2020 Dubai. Be inspired and present important issues to become an active participant and take personal responsibility for collective impact.

National Day and Honor Day

Hold a Flag Raising Ceremony at the National Theater and enjoy the National Day of your favorite country as national leaders are applauded and witness the wonderful parades and cultural events at the Expo 2020 site. Watch Expo, dedicated to ensuring that every international participant gets what they deserve.

Expo Entertainment Program

The entertainment program of Expo 2020 Dubai will show everyone the spirit of the UAE. It will uplift our vitalities, inspire our thoughts, make us laugh, connect us to our common humanity, and encourage us to participate in global conversations. Further, it will use the skills and talents of local and foreign artists in many contemporary and traditional disciplines to promote international exposition through storytelling and artistic participation.

Participant Plan

Expo 2020 is proud to showcase the fascinating and exciting works that international participants will share with the world – including incredible cultural performances, music, dance, drama, and more. Behind every corner of the public realm is a piece of art, a unique display, or a joyous moment, making all the visitors delightful. So, when all the elements will combine, it will create a beautiful experience mosaic that conveys the most valuable Expo 2020 messages.

Program for People and Planet

The People and Planet Plan of Expo 2020 Dubai aim to inspire meaningful and collective action by deploying the convening power of the UAE and the Expo to meet the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

Business Plan and Other Activities

Expo 2020 is a spectacular entertainment destination, but it also provides excellent business opportunities. Expo 2020 is an ideal platform for industry, education, and networking events, offering special incentives, meetings, exhibitions, and conferences from local start-ups to global corporate groups.

Daily and Regular Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

One of the many world-class venues at Expo 2020, Dubai will host select events regularly every day. These include Al Wasl Square, Jubilee Stage, and the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, which has the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface.

Al Wasl Square

After sunset, the dome of Al Wasl Square wakes up like a luminous canvas against the night sky. It tells the story of the Arab region, our natural world, the universe, and the endless pursuit of a better future by mankind. Moreover, the immersive 360-degree projection surface will be enhanced by Al Wasl’s immersive surround lighting and sound system, creating a playground for the senses.

Jubilee stage

The live entertainment program will bring the spirit of Expo 2020 Dubai to life through the combination of the Expo, artistic works, and the performances of our international partners and participants. The events at Expo 2020 Dubai features live music, movies, festivals, ballet, live theater, dance, spoken language, opera performances, etc. It will showcase local, regional, and global talents, celebrate art and focus on traditional stories from all over the world.

Dubai Millennium Amphitheater

The special time of the Expo coincides with a vivid calendar of important international days and holidays, reflecting the diversity of visitors. Expo 2020 will plan special events for Arabic Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and World Poetry Day at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater to bring these days to life.

Monthly Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

In October, there are many cultural performances and events, including Step Afrika, a dance group dedicated to the African-American trampling tradition. This world-renowned dance company will perform from October 3rd to October 9th from 6 pm to 8 pm.

You can also look forward to finding Balkan folk music, Malaysian dance, Senegalese dance, music, food, and more. There will also be a Halloween hero event on October 31st so that you will feel scared.

The theme of November will focus on urban and rural development as well as inclusivity and tolerance. The discussion topics of the forum include smart cities, infrastructure, development, and women’s empowerment.

The outdoor kite-flying activity seems perfect for the family, from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, lasting many days.

We look forward to many different National Day celebrations (especially the UAE National Day in December) and numerous other cultural activities, events, forums, talks, and global innovations coming soon -and this is only the first three months.

For a week-by-week six-month listing of the exciting and entertaining events at Expo 2020 Dubai, download the calendar.

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